Jo Doran, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Assistant Professor & ESL Coordinator, Northern Michigan University

Dr. Jo’s Previous Courses

Northern Michigan University

EN493: English Senior Seminar (for graduating seniors, only) – This is a two-credit, required course that offers three project options: 1) Graduate School Project, 2) Job Project, 3) Personal Project. For the Graduate School Project, the student will choose five schools, apply to one of these five, complete all the required work for application (writing requirements, personal statement/statement of purpose, application, reference gathering, etc.), create a resume or CV, and write a response paper. For the Job Project, the student will choose five jobs, apply to one of these five, complete an informational interview with someone in that field, create a resume and a cover letter, complete all required work for application (writing, application, references, etc.), and write a response paper. For the Personal Project, the student will complete a resume or CV, a cover letter (or alternative), an approved project, and a response paper.

For my EN493 Students! Congratulations, Everyone! You are the best!

EN211E: Critical Thinking – This is a four-credit course built around rhetorical critical thinking skills. Each week, I introduce and model a rhetorical criteria, include class discussion, and present a group assignment. Each assignment requires a group presentation of the student’s choice (such as Prezi, PPT, etc.). This class includes a non-fiction book where we apply critical thinking skills based on our rhetorical teachings and journal responses. This class also includes two papers, individual conferences, and in-class work time.

EN205: Professional Writing – A speaker-based class, this is a genre class where we focus on the following genres: creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, journalism, radio/tv/advertising writing, screen writing, grant writing, and technical writing. For each genre, I invite a writer who is well-written in that genre. Weekly response papers are required, as well as an Informational Interview with a writer in the student’s genre field.

EN211-D: Technical/Report Writing – This is a four-credit course that relies on learning the basics of technical writing (including researching/studying/writing a White Paper), writing instructions or a usablity report, and working on a service-learning project in a group.

Henry Ford Community College

English131: This was a college writing course (freshman composition) for freshmen and non-traditional students.

English 086: This was a one-on-one ESL-only tutoring course, where individual students would sign up for hep with English writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Additionally, I invited non-course members into the tutoring lab for help.

Purdue University

420I: Business Writing for International Students

420: Professional Business Writing

420Y: Online Business Writing

420Y: 16-Week Course

EN106: Freshman Composition

Western Michigan University

EN 105: Introduction to Composition

Prague Program: TA to Gail Wronsky