Jo Doran, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Assistant Professor & ESL Coordinator, Northern Michigan University

Job Searching and News

Today’s graduates have serious demands: They need to be willing to work as part of a team – sometimes every day and sometimes all day, they need to take on more types of jobs instead of being a ‘master’ in one area, and they need to compete with not only large numbers of applicants – but international applicants, many who have been trained to work harder for longer hours.

Going to school and getting As for four years will not guarantee students a job. The hard truth is – that students must be proactive if they hope to get a job, especially a job they really want: Volunteer! Participate in internships – even if you don’t get paid. Volunteer! (… and yes, I know I already said it once). Do your research: find out what people in your field and occupation do – and develop a curiosity about it – Read, research, ask questions, be assertive – show your face and talk with people at the place you want to work, network… and yes… volunteer!

Read the following for up-to-date information on what employers are looking for, reasons why you may not get the job for which you are perfectly suited, and more.

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