Jo Doran, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Assistant Professor & ESL Coordinator, Northern Michigan University

493 – Your Responsibilities

You will be graduating very soon, and you will need to develop time management skills and organizational skills – if you have not done so already. To guarantee that you get and stay organized for this class, the following steps are required related to your choice of a Main Project and our conference meetings (see calendar for details).


  • Once you have chosen your Main Project Option, complete the Main Project Worksheet.
  • Once you and I have discussed your choice(s), I want you to create a Checklist (below).
    • For your main project, you are to create a check list of all the documents and work that you and I decide upon for this class.
    • This is to be a professional looking document that is easily readable. Please type it in MSWord – and use the ‘box’ bullets so you will have actual checkboxes on your list.
  • Please Note: We must both agree to the items included on this checklist.
  • Please Note: You are to provide me with a copy of this checklist.


  • Once I have approved your checklist, you are to create a timeline or due-date list where you plan out your semester in detail – and – develop due dates that will work for you.
  • The work/documents in your timeline must be based off of your checklist.
  • Please Note: You are to provide me with a copy of this timeline/due-date list


  • You are to take notes each time you come to see me. Please do not email me and ask me what you are supposed to do, what we decided up, etc. during our meetings.


Stay in Contact

For Conferences, I will meet with you every week – instead of every two weeks – if you want… but you need to tell me if you want to meet more than once every two weeks. Alternately, you may stop in during my office hours without making an appointment to discuss your work. Please stay in touch with me for any help, feedback, guidance you want or need. I am always willing to work with you in addition to regular meeting times.


Email / Attachment Rules

You are responsible for creating an email subject line and Word document attachment with the correct name – and formatting and writing an email that is correct regarding etiquette and format. Please refer here for this information.